A professional FAFSA preparation and filing service. Not affiliated with the US Department of Education.
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About Us

As a professional FAFSA Preparer, our mission is simple—to help you apply for student financial aid by helping you with the FAFSA.

The FAFSA can require over 100 different pieces of information, including details on your family relationships, educational background and educational plan, personal finances, and taxes. It can quickly begin to feel overwhelming, so we guide you through the information in a way that's easy to understand, then we prepare and file your FAFSA for you.


Our first priority is the accuracy of your application. We don't just want to help you get your FAFSA submitted, we want to help you to get it right. To achieve that, we thoroughly explain each step, and give additional tips and advice in common trouble spots to help you avoid mistakes.

We're here seven days a week to provide all the additional consultation or review that you need by phone or e-mail. And if any issues come up which require correction, we'll walk you through those as well.


The information required to prepare your FAFSA is exhaustive. We help by guiding you through it in the simplest and most intuitive way possible. Our goal is to make it feel less like a formal interview, and more like a conversation.

Each step of our process, from the language we use to the design of our tools, is carefully designed to make the information for the FAFSA less overwhelming and easier to understand. Once you've provided your application data, our experienced team will prepare your FAFSA, file it for you, and update you on its status.


The speed of our process follows naturally from its simplicity and accuracy. Since we make the information so easy to understand and navigate through, you're able to work through the application quickly and confidently, and avoid mistakes that could otherwise cause weeks of delay.


Our web tools employ both Secure Sockets Layer and Advanced Encryption Standard. In addition, the website is regularly scanned by third party security professionals. These and other security features combine to keep your data safe and secure.


Our professional team lives the FAFSA day in and day out. We put that experience to work for you first by designing and constantly updating the most intuitive and pleasant to use web tools available today. Try out the others and we think you'll agree.

Next, our extensive error checking processes are informed by the many successful filings we've assisted with.

Finally, our experience has taught us that you often want help on the weekends. So we're here seven days a week, including most holidays, to answer your questions, provide consultation, or even walk you through the application question by question. Simply contact us for the help you need, whatever day of the week it is. We look forward to assisting you!

Service Fees

To view the current price list for our professional services, please visit our service fees page. For another look at each service's unique features, check out our comparison table.


The professional services we provide are in accordance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act passed by Congress in 2008. In short, you can use our FAFSA assistance services for a fee, or you can work directly with the US Department of Education at fafsa.ed.gov for no charge. This is similar to how you can use a Tax Preparer or commercial tax preparation software for help with filing your tax return. We are a privately-owned independent professional service provider, so we are not affiliated with any government agency, and we always work hard to earn your business.